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Equity Investment

Invest in companies aiming to go public through an IPO

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Provide business consulting services, including IPO preparation, to companies we invest in

Asset Management Consultation

Provide asset management consulting to increase client assets using defensive strategies that best fit the current economy

Company Profile

CEORui Oki
AUM2.5 billion yen / Fiscal Year 2018
Affiliated CompanyMoney Factory
(wholly-owned subsidiary based in Singapore)

Top Message

It is not uncommon for children in the United States to start investing in stocks for their future from an early age. In England, schools are required by law to educate children in the field of finance starting in junior high school.

In Japan, on the other hand, the negative image of "money making" is deep-rooted in its culture, and children unfortunately have very few opportunities to study finance.

There are certainly merits and demerits in any country due to differences in culture and perspective towards finance in each country. However, there is no doubt that Japan bears some economic disadvantage due to a general lack of knowledge in finance.

We aim to contribute to the economic advancement of countries like Japan by providing financial advice and making equity investments to ambitious business owners and asset holders.

It is our mission to support the economic success of countries like Japan so the thriving businesses will not be left behind in the world economy 20 or 30 years from now.


2000Joined Accenture Corporation.

2002-2018Left Accenture and founded a number of businesses including;
Big Tree Technology & Consulting - a major business management firm in Japan specializing in IT, technology and development
Efil - the largest hair salon in Omotesando, Japan
Life Nail - nail salon in Harajuku, Japan

2018Sold 90% of the above Big Tree Technology & Consulting shares to Integral Corporation, one of the largest independent investment fund company in Japan.

2018-CurrentSupport Big Tree Technology & Consulting (in which he holds 10% of the shares) in IPO prep.
Invest FUNDBOOK (major M&A brokerage firm in Japan) ,
and BALANCE STYLE (Football × Fashion concept apparel).


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